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For all grades of polyester strapping

These steel buckles work together with our polyester strapping to create a secure and safe way to bundle your products and consignments. Feed the corded strapping through the steel buckle and it will auto lock holding the strapping in place.

This allows the strapping to be tensioned at will and can be re-tensioned should the goods settle during transit creating slack in the strapping. These steel buckles are suitable for use with all grades of polyester strapping and are reusable.

For all grades of Polypropylene strapping

Made from top quality hard steel, our range of seals suits all plastic strapping applications. The semi open strapping seals come as standard or heavy duty, suitable for standard-sized loads. For extra strength and grip, use serrated strapping seals. Seals are used with a combination hand strapping tool or a tensioner and sealer. The strapping seals are placed over the strap ends, then closed with the tool.

Use standard strapping seals for 9 or 12mm x 25mm polypropylene strapping; the heavy duty seals for 12mm x 32mm; and the serrated metal seals for 12 or 16mm x 30mm strapping.

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