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Hand Pallet Wrap

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Pallet Wrap Characteristics

Pallet wrap, whether it is machine applied or hand applied comes in 2 forms Cast or Blown.

Blown film is manufactured using an additive ( P I B ) to assist in sticking to the product on the pallet . Originally this additive migrated from the inside to the outside causing blocking in transit but now modern technology allows blown film to have one side ( Inside ) cling . Blown film also creates a noise when being unwound due to the use of P I B .Cast film is generally quieter when being unwound and is also a much clearer film than blown film . It is ideal if bar code scanners are being used or identification is required.

Hand pallet wrap can be supplied boxed in packs of 6 or bulk packed on the pallet without any need for cartons . Film technology has allowed manufacturers to go down to 6 microns on pre-stretched film . As with machine pallet wrap the options are for Cast or Blown films and at National Packaging we will gladly advise on the correct specification for each application . Hand film can be supplied with flush cores or extended cores to suit the wrappers preference . Also available for hand film are applicators which enable the wrapper to wrap without any friction to the hands . As with the machine film , hand film can be supplied in a variety of colours .

400mm & 500mm Width

Standard & High Performance Grades

6 micron to 35 micron

Lengths 150metres to 400metres

Standard & Extended Core

Clear & Black Blue Opaque



Common Thicknesses 14 & 17mu

Common Lengths 150m &300m

Clear, Blue & Black Opaque

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