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Machine Pallet Wrap

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Pallet Wrap Characteristics

Pallet wrap, whether it is machine applied or hand applied comes in 2 forms Cast or Blown.

Blown film is manufactured using an additive ( P I B ) to assist in sticking to the product on the pallet . Originally this additive migrated from the inside to the outside causing blocking in transit but now modern technology allows blown film to have one side ( Inside ) cling . Blown film also creates a noise when being unwound due to the use of P I B .Cast film is generally quieter when being unwound and is also a much clearer film than blown film . It is ideal if bar code scanners are being used or identification is required.

Film technology keeps advancing and in doing so we are able to now offer Pre-Stretched machine film down to 12 microns and standard machine film which is vented to allow for blast freezing or to allow for moisture to escape from the pallet . The range of films covers every eventuality and depending on the application , National Packaging will take great pleasure in making sure that the film we supply to each project is the correct film giving maximum load holding / containment . We are also able to supply this film in a range of tinted colours for product identification or security .

500mm Width
Common Thicknesses 17, 20 & 23mu
Also available 15, 25, 30 & 35mu
Standard Grade 150%
PPS Grade 250%
Super PPS Grade 300%
Clear, Blue & Black Opaque

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