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Polypropylene Solvent Machine Tape

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Polypropylene with a rubber solvent adhesive (PS27)

A 25mic heavy duty solvent based polypropylene this is ideal for use on corrugated, fibre and recycled board . Ideal for use outdoors and in dusty and unclean environments. Applications include: medium-heavy duty carton sealing applications, sealing and holding materials requiring UV resistance, such as outdoor storage; and holding applications with material stored in high or low temperature extremes, including low temperature storage in refrigerators and freezers.

Available in either buff or clear with a strong 25 micron film backing PS27 has a high performance solvent adhesive that can be used in a wide range of environments in both application and storage.

Ideal tape for packing medium / heavy weight cartons including sealing large double walled boxes

Strong 25 micron film with high performing solvent adhesive

Temperature resistant from -20C to +50°C

Resistant to ageing, weathering, sunlight and discolouration.

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